#Wafflefry Reboot Announcement!

Hello everyone! I have super exciting news!

After a lot of thought and careful consideration, I’ve decided to reboot #Wafflefry!
I love this comic with all of my heart, but it’s the first really big comics project that I dove headfirst into and, unfortunately it shows. I’m not saying it’s a bad comic! Because it’s not! It’s a great comic! It’s a successful comic! But I’ve learned SO much within the last couple months about making comics that I want to go back and translate it into a renewed #Wafflefry so it can be even BETTER.

The reboot will also include:
+ an increased posting schedule–at least 2 pages/week!
+ a completely redone website! (you will be able to read this version of the comic up until a few weeks before the reboot–I will announce when it’ll be taken down when the time comes!)
+ anybody who has paid for a cameo through the Kickstarter will be redrawn into the reboot!

Thank you all so much for your support this far. I am PUMPED for this reboot and I hope you will be too!!! If you want to watch the video announcement, please visit this link!

#Wafflefry Reboot Video Announcement!